Intensive and multidisciplinary treatment for special needs children

Giraf offers a unique tailor-made therapy program for children with developmental disabilities or conditions, aged 4 to 18 years.
The therapy consists of a combination of behavioral therapy, speech therapy and / or physiotherapy. The treatment takes place while you are on vacation in a nice holiday park in The Netherlands.

Which children will benefit from this therapy?

In principle, all children with a developmental delay, whatever the cause, will benefit from this therapy. For example, children with Down’s syndrome, children with autism spectrum disorder, children with Rett syndrome, children with Kleefstra syndrome, children with eating or drinking problems, children with speech or language delay.
In one week, almost all children take a significant step forward in their development.

Parent Coaching
Parents get daily feedback, coaching and practical advice.

Sibling programme
Siblings also deserve extra attention. They can participate in a program where they get together with other children who also have a brother or sister with a disability.

The whole family participates in the therapy. We believe that the involvement of the family is important for a long-term effect.

A great holiday for the entire family combined with the best therapy.
(therapist Astrid)

Training continues during the reward: swimming!
(therapist Dirkje)

The therapy continues while the child enjoys the reward.

"The therapy appealed to us and works very good with T. Seems that he makes an overall jump ahead (with T nothing develops fast)."


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